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3D geolocation technology precisely pinpoints airborne platforms


We have recently completed a new phase of R&D into real-time passive 3DTDOA geolocation techniques. In our research, we have been able to geolocate aircraft, flying hundreds of kilometers way, down to tens of meters. Customers of RFeye AirDefense can access these improvements now.

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New RFeye Site release – Improvements for enhanced drone detection


When combating hostile or unauthorized drones/UAS, the more warning an operator can get of a UAS/drone approaching, the greater the chance they will have of successfully countering any potential threat. CRFS have been working with some key customers on how to extend their drone detection capabilities, and with the latest release of RFeye Site (v1.50), our expert level spectrum monitoring software, we have added some new functionality that will help detect and geolocate drones with greater accuracy and range.


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New defense accreditations


CRFS have recently been awarded accreditations and approvals from both the U.S. Navy and JOSCAR in the UK. The U.S. Navy has added CRFS’s suite of RFeye spectrum monitoring software to the Department of the Navy Application and Database Management System (DADMS) list. In addition, CRFS has been awarded JOSCAR accreditation, which gives aerospace & defence organizations confidence and assurance that CRFS meets stringent business criteria.

→ U.S. Navy DADMS Approval     

→ JOSCAR Accreditation

New website


If you have visited the CRFS website recently you may have noticed that we have updated the homepage and product sections. We added new sections to make it easier to find the information your need on the full range of CRFS hardware, software, and solutions.

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CRFS appoint new General Manager for the USA

Scott Zederbaum

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Scott Zederbaum as General Manager of CRFS in the USA. Scott will lead the US team based in Virginia and his appointment will help strengthen relationships within the defense and security sectors.

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Featured Content

Key Radio Parameters for Spectrum Monitoring Receivers

Key Radio Parameters for Spectrum Monitoring Receivers

Choosing a spectrum monitoring receiver can be confusing, with a multitude of different specifications on offer. Our new whitepaper guides you through the key parameters, why they are important, and what figures to look for.

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Introduction to AOA geolocation

Introduction to AOA geolocation

In this video we look at how to geolocate a target using Angle of Arrival within RFeye Site. We also discuss the key factors that determine the accuracy of the geolocation.



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Introduction to TDOA geolocation

Here we look at Time Difference of Arrival for geolocating RF transmissions and discuss why AOA isn't always the best way to geolocate a target.

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